1. alexpowerQc –

    Deff smell like cheese ... Guy over me must have covid or really bas smell .. not the best taste or smoke but for the price i mix it with hash and its really good

  2. CPicard4Life –

    This was a great strain with nice beautiful buds in the bag. Rolled great and smoked smooth. Great bang for the buck!!

  3. CPicard4Life –

    This is a great strain!! Nice smoke and the flavour was really tasty! I will def buy more when it's restocked 😁

  4. Stephaniefort –

    Ash is dark, makes you cough

  5. Vero lavoie –

    J'adore guava cake il fait tjrs partie de mes commandes

  6. Ranni –


  7. gil –

    tres bon.j ai commandΓ© 28

  8. kenjisama –

    thanks again 5/5

  9. kenjisama –

    thanks 5/5

  10. WhyDoiStayHi9h –

    lovely bud not as many seeds and is well worth that 70.......

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